Share Your Family Court Horror Story, Win a Free Book

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Are you living in Family Court hell? Do you have an evil parenting consultant running your life? I’ve been helping parents in family court for over 20 years. My clients will tell you that I was the first person to believe them, the first person to tell them the truth and the only one who ever really helped them.

Five years ago, I wrote a book just for parents dealing with parenting coordinators and parenting consultants in family court. The role is a confusing and disturbing one and my goal was to help parents understand the professionals that cross their paths in high conflict divorce. PCs are the reason most clients seek my help. In fact, that is why I wrote the book.

I’d like to hear your story and figure out whether the book can help you. At least one lucky winner will receive a copy of my book, “The Parenting Coordinator and Consultant Survival Guide” free of charge. Please submit your form by December 31, 2021. The winner will be notified by January 10, 2022.

Follow this link to submit your entry form. You may wish to write your story in a Word document or pdf so a link is included for uploading a file. If you have any questions, please email: Good luck! I look forward to reading your stories and connecting with you!

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