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Susan offers knowledge and a safe have to parents struggling through prolonged family court conflict.  Her background includes working in alternative dispute resolution as a mediator, parenting time expeditor and parenting consultant.  Since the beginning, trying to find her footing in a system setup for family failure, Susan focuses on her passion for parent education.  Susan earned a Master's Degree in Family education and is a licensed parent educator.  While helping parents in family court is rewarding, at the base of problems for most families are deep rooted relationship problems.  Susan helps people focus on building strong, healthy relationships and achieve their goals. 

Susan works in Golden Valley, Minnesota, but has helped parents across the country.  As an author, Susan presents words of truth.  She believes it is important to share real, tangible information with parents because it is rare for professionals in the system to fully inform you about the reality of their roles and the reality of your situation.  When they don't, parents fall victim to guessing games and confusion, not to mention, greater conflict between parents and a greater impact on the lives of children.  

Since 1998, Susan has helped hundreds of parents escape family court, get their children out of the middle of parent hostilities and sometimes, change custody.  Susan experienced her own excursion into the world of high conflict divorce when she went through the system.  It was an 8 year ordeal for her family that led Susan to earn a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and start her own business as an ADR Professional and go on to complete a Master's Degree in Education.  Her studies have extensively focused on communication, relationships, conflict resolution, family dynamics and gender differences in: communication styles, stress management, parenting styles, conflict and childhood trauma. 

Susan works almost exclusively with high conflict families, victims of domestic violence, adult children of alcoholics/dysfunction and childhood trauma.  She has also created Still Family to offer online and live courses and programs for parents so that they can fully understand the ramifications of divorce with children.  Susan is committed to the idea that the best way to help children is by helping their parents.  In addition, Susan provides one on one coaching and consulting services through Susan Carpenter Coaching and Consulting LLC.  She uses technology to work with people throughout the United States and Internationally.

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