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Author, Relationship Coach and Instructor

Susan Carpenter is passionate about relationship and family building. You can come from childhood dysfunction without carrying the baggage from that for the rest of your life. Remove the burdens that get in your way and find love, peace and joy today!


Gain Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Truly. Susan can help open your eyes to new ideas by reading books to strengthen relationships and conquer family court struggles. Check out Susan’s author page.


Embark on a Journey is Susan’s online learning platform. There you will find courses related to relationships, divorce, parenting and more! Sometimes our past has not served us well in building healthy relationships. You can change this very easily.


Find direction

Do you feel like something is missing? A common theme from clients is the following statement: is this all there is? There has to be something more. Well, there is. Would you like to coach with Susan? Susan offers individual and couples appointments, in-person or online.

Client Review

I was lost and had no direction while going through divorce with an abusive ex. 

I was shocked when the custody evaluator made me look like the bad guy in all of this and recommended sole custody to the abuser! 

Susan helped me see where I was going wrong.  I now have joint custody and great relationships with both of my children and it doesn’t matter what their dad tries to do, he is unable to come between me and the children any longer!”

Karina W.
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Client Review

My ex wife acted so crazy, I truly became afraid of her.  She accused me of outrageous things.  None of it was true!  It made me so angry that I started to look like the person she was portraying me to be.  Then, she convinced people that the children were afraid of me when they weren’t and she started denying my parenting time! 

Susan helped me see my own role in the conflict, stop blaming, and start taking action for my kids.  That’s all I wanted was to see my kids and not get accused of things every time I saw them.  Things are great and I no longer let my ex run the show!

I highly recommend you contact Susan if you feel under attack from a hostile ex.

Andy T
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Client Review

My teenage daughter and I tried seeing a counselor for over a year. It seemed as though we went round and round without anything getting any better. 

I looked for something else to help because it was my daughter’s senior year of high school and I did not want to have her go off to college with things the way they were.  All we did was fight.  I found Susan. 

She taught me about teenagers and brain development and helped me manage the stress I lived as a single parent.  Both my daughter and I were amazed.

We could understand things about each other that we never knew before and my daughter shared what it was like to be caught between the conflict her dad and I went through since our divorce.  We were finally able to connect on a level like never before.

I felt good about her going off to college and knew we’d be able to stay close while living far apart.  Our relationship grew closer and we adjusted to life changes.  I am now an empty nester and she is an adult. 

She has a good foundation for relationships now, too, and I have much sought after peace of mind!  Thank you, Susan!!  I appreciate you so much!

Ella B


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Author, Relationship Coach, Instructor

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